Under the direction of President Mark Wilson, the DSMA began recognizing member organization for industry excellence. There are several categories that recognize a variety of achievements by individuals and executive teams. The award categories are as follows:

  • Rising Star Award: New direct selling companies that have achieved extraordinary success and are in the first 12 months of business. 
  • Growth Award: New direct sales companies that have achieved remarkable growth in the first two years of business. 
  • Product Innovation Award: Direct sales companies that have introduced an outstanding new product within the past 18 months.
  • Technology Innovation Award: Direct sales companies and vendors who have introduced innovative technology services within the past 18 months. (This can be a joint award with the direct sales company and vendor.)
  • Visionary Award: Direct sales companies or vendor suppliers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in the direct sales industry. 
  • Legacy Award: Direct sales companies or vendors who have at least 20 years in the direct selling industry and supporting accomplishments.
  • DSMA Partner Award: Vendors with an outstanding reputation for improving the direct sales industry. 

2016 Awards



Riley Timmer

Riley Timmer, COO, of Ariix was presented with the 2016 Growth Award. In the past two years Ariix has had tremendous success in growth sales  

Visionary AwarD


Dr. Dan Gubler

During his short time at Unicity Dr. Gubler has dramatically transformed and reinvigorated the Unicity Science program—bringing Unicity to the forefront of the nutraceutical industry in innovating unique blue-ocean
products for human health.

Rising Star AwarD


Chris Welch

Chris Welch, CEO of Maelle Beauty, acceped the 2016 Rising Star Award. Maelle Beauty is a cosmetics and skincare line that comes in all different colors and formulas, but they all have at least three things in common. They are: Thoughtfully developed; Responsibly produced; Carefully delivered. They are being recognized for their exceptional growth in 2016.

Legacy AwarD

Mark Rawlins

With a career managing MLM/network marketing companies that spans more than 30 years, Mark Rawlins is recognized as one of the pioneers and dominant leaders in the industry’s software sector. In 1998, he founded InfoTrax Systems, as a company focused on delivering a complete, integrated software platform for the direct selling industry. 

Product Innovation AwarD


Q.R.E.V. Energy Drink

Q R.E.V., introduced to Q Sciences’ Independent Business Owners and Preferred Customers in July 2016, not only delivers long-lasting energy, it does so while supporting other aspects of health seemingly ignored by traditional energy-drink companies. In fact, Q R.E.V. promotes optimal brain health and function while increasing neurotransmitter activity with the added micronutrient support of DMAE, L-tyrosine, and choline bitartrate. More than just an energy drink, the energy-supporting properties of Q R.E.V. are designed to fuel healthy energy to the brain.

Technology Innovation AwarD


Younique enables clients to share their favorite cosmetics by hosting their own virtual party, and earning a little something extra as well.

DSMA Partner AwarD


They were recognized for their creative solutions with all types of signage, print, and online customer management in helping countless direct sales companies throughout the years.


2015 Awards


Reese / Poyfair / Richards PLLC

Spencer Reese, Partner at Reese | Poyfair | Richards accepted the 2015 Partner Award. They were recognized for providing unmatched direct selling law expertise since 1996.  



Blake Schroeder, COO and Jack Eldridge, CFO from ForeverGreen were presented with the 2015 Growth Award. Their mission is to inspire the world to embrace every second of every season of life by showing up, authentically, in a way that has never before been experienced in business. 



Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO at Ariix accepted the 2015 Visionary Award. One of the industry’s most seasoned executives, Dr. Cooper is a highly respected authority in network marketing compensation plans. Fred’s mastery of the discipline is one of the main drivers separating ARIIX from others in the industry.



Scott Smith, President and Mark Rawlins, CEO at InfoTrax accepted the 2015 Technology Innovation Award. InfoTrax enables their clients to calculate compensations with speed and accuracy—maximizing business performance across the entire organization.



Phil Lewis, VP of Operations and Barrett Yates, Product Manager accepted the 2015 Product Innovation Award for Ariix. They were recognized for the Puritii Air Purification System and it’s importance in providing clean air and amazing health benefits to homes and offices around the world.


Plunder Design

Hillary Adams of Plunder Design accepted the 2015 Rising Star Award. Plunder Design is a shabby chic vintage jewelry company based in Utah, and experienced exceptional growth in 2015.


Q Sciences

With over 28 years of working within the network marketing industry, Daren Hogge, Founder and CEO of Q Sciences was presented with the 2015 Legacy Award. Daren is one of the most respected executives in the industry. He came out of retirement to join Q Sciences because he truly believes the company’s products and opportunity must be shared with the world. 

2014 Awards

Partner Award


Alan Pollard accepted the 2014 Partner Award for iCentris. They were recognized for providing cutting edge technology solutions and support for the last fifteen years.  


Growth Award


Co-founder Melanie Huscroft was presented with the 2014 Growth Award. In their first two years of business Younique has had tremendous success fulfilling their mission to uplift, empower and validate women. 


Visionary Award


The management team from Ariix was recognized for their shared vision, commitment to their independent sales force and quality leadership in the direct selling industry. Riley Timmer and Mark Wilson received the award on behalf of the executive team. 


Product INNOVATION Award

Q Sciences

Tim Hough accepted the Product Innovation award for Q Sciences. They were recognized for the headlining EMPowerPlus Q96 product. EMPowerPlus boosts mood stability, mental clarity and optimal brain health for both children and adults.


Rising star Award

In a Pickle

Co-founder Marianne Porter accepted the Rising Star Award. In a Pickle took the idea of preparedness and turned it into a multi-million dollar brand with over 40 skus in a short period of time.

Legacy Award

Close to My Heart

  In 2014, Close To My Heart celebrated 30 years in business. In recognition of her tireless efforts in product design, community building and creativity, CEO Jeanette Lynton was honored with the Legacy Award. Brian Holman accepted the award on her behalf.